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Geissele Automatics was established in 2004 and has established a reputation for excellence. Geissele is known for producing the highest quality AR-15 and modern sporting rifle components from triggers to handguards, and everything in between. Shop our selection of Geissele triggers, rails, charging handles, and much more right here at Geissel Triggers Shop. Geissele Triggers for sale online. We are weapons makers, a subsidiary company of Geissele Automatics, that aims to provide customers with a convenient place to buy geissele triggers, geissele changing handles, geissele optics, geissele supper duty rifles and pistols, geissele upper receiver groups, geissele super modular rails online and to buy geissele gears online. We strive for the best customer service, not just in the firearms industry, but the best customer service period. This company was founded to provide our Geissele family(customers) with the means to be able to buy directly from Geissele Automatics(that is from triggers, super duty rifles and pistols, gear, optics, changing handles and many more) to be able to defend themselves and their families properly when law enforcement cannot respond quickly enough. or for sporting. Buy Geissele Triggers, Geissele rails, Geissele charging handle, Geissele handguards for sale.

Geissele Trigers for Sale

What are Geissele triggers?

Geissele Automatics triggers have been synonymous with quality ever since the release of the Hi-Speed National Match Trigger, which featured an adjustable trigger pull with full power hammer springs.

This highly adjustable trigger caught the attention of the U.S. Special Operations Community, who promptly asked them to develop a combat trigger.

They answered with the Super Select Fire SSF trigger, which is a non-adjustable, two-stage trigger designed for precise trigger control in semi-automatic and full-automatic fire modes.

The success of the M4 trigger paved the way for them to become one of the most well-known manufacturers in the world.

What is the Geissele Super Semi-Automatic SSA Trigger?

Coming off the success of the SSF with the United States Military, Geissele Automatics designed a semi-automatic only trigger based on the same principles. They ended up with the SSA trigger, which has the same smooth two-stage trigger pull that only requires 4.5 pounds of pressure to break.

The Super Semi-Automatic combat trigger is designed to be forgiving enough in CQB uses while still being extremely accurate out to longer ranges. However, their innovation did not stop there, as they quickly learned that customers wanted a lighter trigger pull without sacrificing reliability or safety.

What is the Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced SSA-E Trigger?

Following feedback from SOCOM, Geissele Automatics developed the SSA-E trigger with a reduced first and second stage trigger pull.

Their most popular trigger, the SSA-E’s total pull weight comes in at 3.5 pounds of smooth travel with a crisp break that retains all the safety features of the previous edition like an internal drop safety.

Because of the lighter pull weight, the Super Semi-Automatic Enhanced trigger is ideal for use in designated marksman rifles (DMR) where accurate shots are required, and a consistent, reliable trigger is a must.

What is the Geissele Super Dynamic 3-Gun SD-3G Trigger?

With the popularity of 3-gun competition rising, Geissele turned their sights on competition style triggers and developed the Super 3-Gun and Super Dynamic 3-Gun triggers.

Both feature a shortened pull length and reduced reset for extremely fast follow up shots while quickly transitioning between targets.

They also backed away from the two-stage design and introduced their hybrid system that combines two-stage and single-stage functionality.

The feature that sets the SD-3G apart is the flat trigger bow, which allows for better leverage and reduces perceived pull weight when firing your rifle.

The flat-faced trigger is quickly becoming one of the most popular designs and is even finding its way to duty rifles.

What charging handles does Geissele make?

Staying in line with the ergonomics design philosophy, Geissele developed their charging handles for the AR-15 rifle platform that incorporates ambidextrous functionality and high-quality aluminum.

Keeping with the “super” naming scheme, the Super Charging Handle features extended, textured levers that allow fast activation even while wearing gloves. The Airborne charging handle, on the other hand, utilizes smaller levers for snag-free usage.

Even though the levers are shorter, the rifle can still be charged from the side without the interference of low-profile scopes or optics.

What scope mounts does Geissele make?

With precision in mind, the right trigger won’t do much good if the scope mount does not retain zero. Geissele Automatics designed the Super Precision scope mounts with a nut and bolt mounting system that clamps down on Picatinny rails with enough force to ensure a rock-solid fit.

The Super Precision optics mounts come in many different models, such as the High Power Rifle National Match and the CQBSS, to fit a variety of scopes for various applications.

What AR-15 parts does Geissele make?

Geissele Automatics also manufactures small parts for the AR-15 that provide enhancements over MIL-Spec parts.

The Maritime bolt catch has extended paddles to make locking open and releasing the bolt much easier and faster, while the Super 42 braided wire buffer spring increases the reliability of the bolt carrier group.

The included heavy buffer weight helps to reduce felt recoil and, combined with a high-quality trigger will make a fast, accurate, and flat shooting rifle that is fit for any situation.